6 Volt electronic regulator

6 Volt electronic regulator

This electronic voltage regulator is designed to work with a converted 2 brush 32E generator with maximum current output of 10 Amps.

The voltage regulator fits best on motor cycles where the cut-out relay type 74750-38 (old nr. 4785-38) was used. The 45″and UL sidevalves and knuckles used this type, but also some other models used this cut-out relay.

Please read various service manuals on how to convert standard 6 Volt three brush into a 2 brush generator.


  • High output current: 9-10 amp
  • Accurate voltage regulation: 7,0-7,1 Volt under variable loads
  • Current overload protection (10 amps)
  • Temperature compensated
  • Solid state device
  • Easy installation

Identical look as the original 6 Volt cut-out relay when cover is installed; no one will notice the conversion to 6 Volt electronic regulator.

This regulator works with all 6 Volt generators with field regulation to ground and have a max of 10 Amps.

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