Ignition Module


One has to check what model ignition timing base is fitted on the bike. Some bikes have a wrong model ignition system mounted in respect to the year. This can be very confusing. Especially in the year 1947 where the timing base changed.

Kit 36-47 is reselled with order number 0156900 36-47
Kit 48-64 is reselled with order number 0156903 48-64

Separate rotor only 0156904 36-47
Seperate rotor only 0156904 48-64 (the rotor has a “2” stamped at the bottom)

The ingnition module replaces the Condenser and Breaker Points.
It is designed to work on 6Volt and 12Volt battery powered systems.

The kit consists of the following items:

  • Electronic Ignition Module with mounting flange
  • 60 cm wire loom
  • Trigger rotor
  • 2x Flag terminals
  • Installation instructions
  • Hex key 2mm(5/64)
  • Rubber grommet

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